• 20ml 30ml Oral Spray Bottles
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May 12

20ml 30ml Oral Spray Bottles

Product Name: 20ml 30ml Oral Spray Bottles
Material: The PET material of the bottle is PP material
Capacity: 20ml 30ml
Slogan: Fresh breath, healthy everyday

This is a professional oral spray bottle for oral care liquids such as mouthwash and breath freshener. The bottle body is made of high-quality PET material, while the sprinkler head is made of high-quality PP material. The quality of this kind of oral spray bottle is guaranteed by the excellent materials.

Oral care solution is stored in the oral spray bottle made of such materials, which ensures that it can give full play to its effectiveness within the effective period, such as the function of cleaning mouth, refreshing breath and sterilization. There are two general specifications for oral spray bottle, one is 20ml and the other is 30ml. This kind of oral spray bottle is normally colorless and transparent.

Custom Service & Advantages:
If the customer has additional requirements for the bottle color, the company can also customize the special bottle body color and sprinkler head color according to the customer's requirements. In addition, one of the highlights of this oral spray bottle is its sprinkler design.the sprinkler head of the oral spray bottle adopts a unique design.

First of all, the inner tube connected by the sprinkler head extends to the bottom of the bottle, thus avoiding the situation that the liquid cannot be sprayed out, so that consumers feel convenient when using.

Secondly, the sprinkler head of the bottle is equipped with a matching cover. The cover of the sprinkler head plays an important role for users. Such cover design, on the one hand, can prevent users from accidentally pressing the spray bottle into their pockets to finish the loss; on the other hand, it can keep the nozzle clean and sanitary.

What's more, the spray holes on the sprinkler head of the bottle are small and numerous, and the spray from such oral spray bottle is exquisite, so consumers are comfortable when using it.
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