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May 12

10ml Plastic Lotion Bottles

10ml Plastic Bottles Wholesale

Product Name: 10ml Plastic Lotion Bottle

Material: PET materials;PP materials

Capacity: 10ml

Slogan:Excellent AS bottle cap effectively prevents leakage

This plastic lotion bottle has a capacity of only 10ml, and the whole body is long cylindrical, petite and exquisite. It looks simple and beautiful, and it is easy to carry. It is mainly used for the dispensing of emulsions, and can be used as a package for product trials or as a travel bottle. The main material of this plastic lotion bottle is PET material, which is wear-resistant and durable, and has good durability.

Shapes & Design:
The entire plastic bottle is pure white, simple and elegant, and can be loved by most people. The vacuum pump is used to ensure the airtightness of the plastic bottle, preventing the Fungi and bacteria in the air from entering the plastic emulsion bottle and contaminating the lotion. In addition, the pressing head of this plastic lotion bottle is a duckbill-shaped pressing head, which is exquisite and cute, low-key and high-grade, and considers the comfort of human finger pressing, which is very intimate. The pump head is equipped with a high-quality AS bottle cap. The AS material is strong and has a high density. It can effectively prevent the lotion in the bottle from leaking and keep your baggage clean.

Process & Testing:
The whole process of the production of lotion bottles is carried out in a dust-free workshop. The factory building is clean and hygienic, and it complies with the hygiene regulations to ensure the cleanliness of the lotion bottles. At the same time, we use the most advanced production machines to minimize the chances of defective products. The testing method we take can remove all defective products and ensure that the good products are delivered to you. With its small capacity and high-quality materials, this plastic lotion bottle has become a hot trial bottle on the market, with huge sales and sales rising year by year. Moreover, our production technology and material selection are continuously optimized to ensure that this plastic lotion bottle is always in the leading position in the industry, making consumers feel satisfied.
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