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Medicine Vials Plastic Bottles Lead the Packaging Market into the Future


August 26


In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, traditional old-fashioned beautiful shampoo bottles or some opaque oral medicine packaging bottles can no longer meet people's needs. Even in these old-fashioned glass packaging, due to its technical inadequacy, a part of glass powder will fall from the glass bottle, mixed with medicines, turning the medicines into drugs, which is neither hygienic nor safe.

The emergence of medicine vials 30ml empty plastic bottles broke the convention of packaging products and prompted changes in the material of packaging bottles, thus changing the packaging mode. The production of medicine vials plastic bottles requires high-temperature sterilization. In the process of stretching, blow molding, and forming, the microcrystalline orientation surface in the plastic can improve the strength, hardness and transparency of the plastic packaging bottle through the change of its basic structure. A new generation of packaging that has become a trend, showing the unity of aesthetics and practicality.

Medicine decorative plastic pump bottles use color masterbatch, and its material structure includes: paper/plastic, plastic/aluminized plastic floatation aluminum foil/plastic and plastic/aluminum foil/plastic and other ways to make the bottle more transparent. This makes it easy to distinguish the medicine at the time of dispensing.

Medicine vials plastic bottles are plastic containers that are blow-molded and formed to pack medicines, liquid medicines, solvents, and chemical reagents. Plastic medicine bottles are generally made of PET material, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, not easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygienic, and meets the special requirements of medicine packaging. It can be directly used for medicine packaging without washing or drying. An excellent medicinal packaging container, widely used for the packaging of oral solid medicines (such as tablets, capsules, granules) and oral liquid medicines (such as syrups, water dispensers). Compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers, there are many special points in medicine vials plastic bottles. #beautiful #shampoo #bottles


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