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Different between PET Plastic Bottle and PP Plastic Bottle


August 26


There are many materials of 50ml plastic bottles, and the functions and characteristics of plastic bottles of different materials are also different. Let's compare PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles.

Features: decorative plastic shampoo bottles are relatively soft and waxy to the touch. Compared with the same plastics, they are lighter in weight and have a certain degree of transparency. The flame is blue when burning.

Toxicity: non-toxic and harmless to humans.

Polypropylene (PP) applications: microwave tableware, basins, plastic barrels, thermos shells, woven bags and other industries.

Features: High chemical stability, good hygiene performance, high heat resistance.

Microwave tableware can be made of plastic products marked with PP.

Toxicity: non-toxic and harmless to humans.

The biggest disadvantage of PP is that it is easy to oxidize and age. Now it is overcome by adding antioxidants and ultraviolet light absorbers.

Polyester (PET) applications: plastic beverage bottles, body wash bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles and various bottle caps and thermal insulation caps.

Features: Good transparency, not easy to break, good chemical stability, suitable for a variety of liquid or solid medicine packaging. It has good shielding properties to ultraviolet rays.

Toxicity: non-toxic.

PET plastic bottles are the mainstream of beverage packaging. The leading position in China's beverage packaging industry should be PET plastic bottles. So far, no better or better packaging material has been found to replace PET plastic bottles. PP bottles are mainly molded in one-step injection stretch-blow molding and two-step heating stretch-blow molding machines. PP bottle has the advantages of transparency, toughness and heat resistance. And the price is lower than that of PET, PS, PE and other materials. The scale of use of PP plastic bottles in beverage packaging markets has gradually approached PET bottles. The continuous development of modified resins, antireflection agents, and mechanical equipment skills has enabled PP containers to replace glass, PET and PVC containers, which has a broad prospect. #body #wash #bottles


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