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April 20


Users who often need to travel will pack the daily shampoo and hair care travel containers to travel, but as a daily chemical product, they can't just be packed in any bottle. Because some of the ingredients will react with some plastics.

When developing shampoo and hair care travel kits, the compatibility of the inner material and the packaging material will be considered while the particularity of the inner material will be considered. Compatibility refers to whether the inner material and packaging will react, causing changes in the inner material or packaging. The particularity of the internal material mainly refers to the nature of the internal material that cannot withstand light or heat. Therefore, when the packaging is developed, it will be considered from whether the packaging material and inner material need to be protected from light. Generally, the shampoo and hair care travel kits on the market are divided into high permeability bottles of PET, PETG, AS, PE or PP opaque bottles, and PE or PVC hoses. High-permeability bottles PET or PETG are relatively common materials, basically can contain most water, milk, and toiletries.

The general types of travel containers:

1. Travel spray bottle: it can spray mist-like liquid, so it is not suitable for other moisturizing lotion or thicker lotion.

2. Flip-type sub-bottle: the bottle is made of hard PET material, suitable for toner, liquid essence, makeup remover, and not suitable for sticky products such as lotion, shampoo, conditioner.

3. Sub-bottle with aluminum cap: the bottle body is also hard PET material, and the applicable type is the same as above. There is a plastic cap in the bottle cap, and there are also small holes in the plastic cap, so there is no need to worry about pouring too much toner at a time.

4. Soft tube sub-bottle: it is made of soft PET resin material, so it is convenient to squeeze viscous emulsion, which can reduce waste, facilitate the use. And it is suitable for sub-packing facial cleanser, conditioner, shower gel, hand cream, toothpaste, etc.

5. Perfume sub-bottle: it can be divided into four parts: aluminum cap, aluminum bottle shell, spray head and glass bottle body for perfume.

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