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May 27

Were old phones better?

For example, Nokia - Finnish superstar in 2000s, was it better than an iPhone if we compare not only soft and functionality, but with the meaning of time changes? 

This might be a question you need to investigate in a compare and contrast essay. Sounds easy? Nah, you are mistaken.

The academic life of a student is filled with various types of essays that are required to do. All of these contribute to the learning of a student and hence, building a better understanding among students. One of the types of essays that students are required to do is the compare and contrast essay, also known as comparison essay. 

Often times, compare and contrast essays are given for the following reasons:
* To clarify the uncertain factors or points in a particular topic, situation or question.
* Allow one to improve their knowledge or reveal more information on the specific subjects.
* To enlighten readers with the subtle similarities and differences between the two subjects.
* To make sure that the writer proves his or her point on why the particular subject is better than the second one through factual opinions.

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