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If you are in New York and suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of the negligent actions, contact catastrophic injury Lawyer (Attorney) for a free consultation and get legal advice. Kennetha A. Wilhelm have over 45 years experience how to handle all type injury cases.

Kenneth A. Wilhelm is celebrating his 40th year of helping clients with their personal injury and medical malpractice cases. The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm are currently accepting new cases.

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Kenneth A Wilhelm October 1 - Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

If you or your loved ones have been in a #Catastrophic njury in New York, then an experienced #NewYork Catastrophic Injury Lawyer at Kennetha A. Wilhelm is just a call away. He helps you to recover full compensation for all the damages. call at (646) 760-3592 and get the best legal help in NYC.

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