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Today clearly two leaders - iOS and Android. Most devel...

William S. Williams August 27, 2020 August 27, 2020

Today clearly two leaders - iOS and Android. Most developments are done primarily for those platforms, and also the use of other platforms is more due to the desire of manufacturers to enter the market with new merchandise. In this case, the developers of mobile operating methods spend their cash, funding the growth of mobile applications in their expense from the anticipation that it will let them market the devices with their working system. The principal reason for the prevalence of this or that platform is the existence of interesting applications, therefore it's increasingly more difficult to catch up using the existing leaders. The defining factor will be the capability of android devices to work in the corporate sector as today iOS is much more popular there. It will be based on which of those two platforms will be more popular in terms of development.

Now such a period of modification of the market with mobile applications, when There's no question of revival, now the principal matter is"intrusion of land" from the face of active users. It concerns, first of all, media applications, as many news information resources in the internet must necessarily have support from mobile access. As a matter of fact, in order to begin paying off development costs, the business model of information and content providers should be completely changed. And it's impossible until users become used to a different means of working with information, i.e. before the vast majority of users start swallowing content via mobile devices.
The issue of efficiency is located on the side of the customer, who defines the idea of a cell program in his company. We could rather speak about achieving our objectives. It's the adventure of the projects that we completed previously that helped us to quickly design a new structure and start the project.Hello, my name is William, I'm 35 years old and now I work as a portable application programmer. Now I work as a major developer in a boutique consulting company on digital transformation and applications creation intellectsoft.net . Along with evolution, at various occasions I was engaged in iOS school, presale activities, organizing and technical interviews.