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"The Method" by Wendy Clark and Chris Coward of ¡DOS LO...

Wendy Clark September 4, 2019 September 4, 2019 - Wendy Clark Band

"The Method" by Wendy Clark and Chris Coward of ¡DOS LOCOS! performed at Gennaro's Cafe on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Filmed by Michael Kuhl.

"The Method" was the first track off the first Tequila Mockingbird album titled UFO. If you are looking for the track for UFO, though you may think it would be on the first album which is named after the song itself, but it is actually the fifth track off their next album titled Alien-American. Neither is on the third album titled Luck and Trouble. Stay tuned for our new EP we are dropping in 2020. Or sooner. Thanks for watching!

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are you a victim of your mind
a blinded prisoner trapped inside
do you run away and hide
will you save yourself from the rising tide
it's nobody's business you tell yourself
I won't sacrifice that for nobody else
close every door because only you know
you got nothing to do you've got nowhere to go
I sell the book page by page
the method is getting pretty strange
I write the book page by page
are you a victim of your rage?



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