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I purchased a 2005'99 Lada from my father, which he gav...

Valerii Kravchenko February 16 February 16

I purchased a 2005'99 Lada from my father, which he gave me as he bought himself a new car. I am basically pleased with it, but as many people know, to really have a car like this you will need to be able to occasionally repair it. Since I work on a ship as a mechanic, I have some understanding in that region. So I try to do plenty of maintenance on the machine . I get assistance on the internet and videos of people telling me the way to fix this or that issue. The very best thing about owning this type of car is that you're never bored and always have something to do on your day off. The perfect name for this could be a car for your spirit, not to get rides.
There is one big and when you have a domestically designed automobile. Components for it are not so expensive, and fixes could be made to individuals who are far from the subject of mechanisms as far as you can. I attempt to purchase parts on the internet, therefore it is always possible to locate the best bargain. Lately I have been ordering the components I need in azon.ua , there's a wide variety of auto parts for both domestic and foreign brands for joyful owners of good cars. Before picking any component, I will read descriptions and attributes, in addition to see how long the warranty on this part applies. Just recently I failed the fuel pump, it was very unpleasant for me personally, but I quickly discovered the desired part and purchased it, and then installed it myself. I don't trust these issues to masters at service stations because I can significantly save repairs by doing it yourself.
Hi, my name is Valerii Kravchenko. I am 32 years old. I am in the city of Kharkov. I am employed as a mechanic to a ship and go on excursions. I've got a wife and two children. Two daughters. In my free time I prefer to watch TV shows, play computer games and spend some time with my loved ones.