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At Turn On Your Light, LLC, we get to the root of the challenges and struggles you face, rather than simply removing symptoms temporarily.  When each person can bring all parts of themselves to a relationship, both people begin to heal wounds and grow the capacity for true intimacy.  We use dialogue, parts work, imagery, psychoeducation, and movement to foster the safety and passion that couples long for.   We address depression, anxiety, affairs, addictions, spirituality, sexuality, parenting, finances, as well as the process of uncoupling when both are certain about divorce.  For couples stuck in ambivalence, we enter into a structured process to bring clarity and come to a decision both can live with.   I work with gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgendered and non-gendered individuals.  In addition to couples therapy, I work with individuals who want to live their best life, and develop a loving and trusting relationship with themselves---which is the best medicine to take if you want a dynamic and joyful relationship with a partner.

Turn On Your Light, LLC

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Turn On Your Light, LLC November 13, 2017 - Turn On Your Light, LLC

Where having a family is the most beautiful thing in the world, there it is the most complicated thing in the world. So, if there are problems in your family, don’t overlook them. Rather, make your family the most beautiful family in the world with the help of family counseling by Kathleen Hanagan in Alexandria, VA. For more information visit us at : goo.gl/eAgS27

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