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Trucare Trust September 2 - Drug Rehabilitation

Signs a Drug Recovered Patients Running Low on Vitamin C

The drug rehabilitation center in India states that Vitamin C is said to be a water dissolvable vitamin that plays many important roles in our body, if not taken in a proper quantity it can lead to many common body problems. The drug rehabilitation center in India, after an in-depth discussion with several reputed doctors across the country, recommended that Vitamin C cannot be stored in our body and needs to be taken in a proper dose, therefore its deficiency is very common specifically in drug and alcohol recovered patients. Severe Vitamin C deficiency is known as Scurvy which takes a couple of months to grow inside the human body but still, there might be many chances that your body will be lacking in Vitamin C without any signs or symptoms. The drug rehabilitation center in India has also stated some of the signs which show the problems of Vitamin C deficiency in the body of a drug recovered patient. They are as follows:

● Having a weak immunity system:

When you have a weak immune system, it leads to frequently falling sick. Falling sick often is directly linked to the poor immune system you have and Vitamin C plays a very important role here. Vitamin C helps to grow the production of White Blood Cells which are also known as fighter cells that defend our system from bacterias and viruses. Being a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C protects our immune cells and fights against free radicals to minimize infections and help our immune system to work efficiently. The frequent occurrence of infections such as flu, bladder infection, UTIs, fever, sore throat, pneumonia are some of the commonly occurring diseases which can weaken our immune system. To avoid this negative impact on your immune system you can add more amounts of Vitamin C which includes eating rich whole fruits and vegetables in your diet.

● Slow wound healing:

Collagen protein is an important part of our body which helps in the healing of any kind of wound, repairing the tissues and skin whenever we get injured. Having Vitamin C deficiency slows down this process of healing which can lead to reopening of old wounds due to any new injury and at times are prone to infections.

● Poor dental health:

Deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to swollen or bleeding gums which is one of the most common symptoms. Our gum tissues are made of collagen protein and Vitamin C, and because of Vitamin C, the collagen production takes place. Without adequate amounts of Vitamin C, the gums and tissues start weakening and eventually begin to bleed. Swollen gums are also the result of inflammation which is a process in which Vitamin C defends as an antioxidant and makes our teeth stronger. Vitamin C therefore also helps in wound healing which means it also prevents the process of bleeding gums.

● Frequent nosebleeds:

Nosebleeds occur when the small blood vessels inside our nose burst which are strengthened by collagen protein which is made with the help of Vitamin C. Lack of Vitamin C therefore can weaken the blood vessels and result in frequent nosebleeds.


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Trucare Trust August 31 - Alcohol Rehabilitation

Best Vitamins and Minerals for an Alcoholic Addict During Recovery

As we all know alcohol makes our body hollow from inside making us very weak. The alcohol rehabilitation center in India has also mentioned that intaking a healthy diet during the times of recovery is a must. Several alcohol rehabilitation center in India, have also witnessed that several patients legit died after a span of time as they had stopped intaking several important vitamins and minerals which are required in our body. The alcohol rehabilitation center in India, has also recommended some of the essential and needful vitamins and minerals which are required for a recovering alcohol addict’s body. They are as follows:

● Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most commonly found and one of the best nutrients you can include in your diet which can boost your immune system very fast. Vitamin C helps in the production of white blood cells which defends our body from any kind of foreign invader which can cause allergy, infection and viral diseases inside our body. Vitamin C also helps in the growth of new tissues which helps in healing wounds and also helps in maintaining healthy bones. Vitamin C also acts as a strong antioxidant and helps in fighting the free radicals which bring down the rate of our immune system.

To increase the level of Vitamin C one can consume oranges, kiwi, spinach, kale etc. which are rich in Vitamin C.

● Zinc

Zinc helps in fighting the common cold and flu and also helps to fight the bacterial or viral infections and also helps increase the rate of wound healing. Our immune cells are quite critical in developing their functions therefore zinc stimulates the immune cells. Lack of zinc can lead to the weakening of the immunity system. Zinc also reduces the blight stress and increases the response of the immune system by increasing the T-cell activity which protects our body from any infection and also prevents and controls our body from inflammation.

According to many researches across the world zinc supplements reduce the duration of cough and cold up to 50% and also reduce the number of upper respiratory infections specifically among children. Zinc thus helps in the growth of cells and reduces the blight stress caused in our body. Zinc rich whole foods are fish, crabs, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, yogurt, chickpeas etc.

● Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases the functions of our immune cells which plays a very important role in the evolution of immature T cells and also its deficiency persuades the evolution of immature T cells which therefore results in the early decrease of cellular immunity. It thus helps in providing us with a healthy immunity system. Vitamin E and C both act as a powerful antioxidant which helps in fighting any kind of infection. Vitamin E thus can be found in oilseeds, nuts, almonds, til seeds etc.

Also, Covid-19 is continuously spreading all over the world and cases in India as well are still on the rise. There is vaccination and treatment for it and the only thing which can support us is our immune system. Therefore, alcohol addicts should also take the environmental hazard also in concern and start intaking these into their healthy diet.


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Trucare Trust August 29 - Alcohol Rehabilitation

Choosing the Best Supplement for an Alcohol Addict

The alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune, have consulted with several doctors and have concluded that a healthy dose of multi supplements are very necessary for a growing alcohol addict in the process of recovery. The alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune has witnessed several patients growing a healthy body after in taking some of the best supplements in the market which are effective and healthy for alcoholic patients. Currently, there are more than 33 alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune district.

Our body should consume a portion of a well balanced diet which should include important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But, because of our busy lifestyle it is nearly impossible at times to consume a real meal which is rich in multivitamins. Multivitamins are therefore an easy and convenient way to acquire the nutritional support our body needs. It helps in giving a strong base of nutrients and acts as a backup of a healthy diet. There are thus so many options in front of us through which we can acquire a right multivitamin, but the path is quite tough in reality. Therefore, below are seven important things one must take into consideration before buying any multivitamin. They are as follows:

● Look for whole food vitamins:
One should always buy natural, rich whole based food products with multivitamins in it. The product therefore should be made of rich whole food sources and not from synthetic means that are made in the lab with the help of chemicals. Products which do have whole food multivitamin and all essential ingredients should only be consumed for a healthy diet. Also if you can choose organic varieties made from whole rich foods it will thus make your diet even healthier.

● Activated forms of nutrients:
The best multivitamin supplements contain nutrients which have already been converted into active and bioavailable forms. These types of supplements are better absorbed by our body and provide us with a healthy diet.

● Choose based on your need:
There are multivitamins available in the market for specific needs depending upon every individual's body. You can therefore choose a multivitamin according to your diet restrictions and consume them. Suppose you are a vegetarian or vegan then you should be aware of some multivitamins which are made with animal based gelatine and use crushed bones as a source of calcium or vitamin B12 which are mostly sourced from animal products and are one of the most important and used ingredients. Thus, one should always check the ingredients and the label before consumption.

● Multivitamin that won’t cause constipation or bloating:
Many ordinary multivitamin tablets result in constipation and bloating because of the synthetic ingredients used to make the tablets like lactose or talc etc. which many times causes constipation. Some multivitamin supplements include both calcium and iron which also results in the development of constipation. If ever you feel any of the above symptoms switch to effervescent tablets and stop the consumption immediately.