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TrueCADD January 1 - BIM Services

Just get into closer here, why 3D MEP models are so important in precise construction development. We have posted few visual glimpse of Revit MEP project here of one of our reputed client. Read out here the all information about this project.

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  • Quick Look of 3D MEP BIM Model of Biscuit Factory, USA via TrueCADD


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TrueCADD December 26, 2019 - BIM Services

Developed accurate and quality 3D BIM MEP model of a hospital building as per the client requirement. Here, we have shared the visual glimpse of the model where we got input basic information like PDFs, drawings from the client. As per client’s requirement, we created precise MEP model using Revit software within estimated time. To know more about BIM MEP modeling services? Contact at TrueCADD for your MEP related projects, we happy to hear from you!


  • 3D BIM MEP Model of a Hospital Building via TrueCADD


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TrueCADD December 20, 2019 - BIM Services

Read out here why AEC industry requires point cloud to BIM? It is not only limited to restoration and renovation of buildings of value but also to create an accurate 3D models and identify the errors in initial stage of design process. Check it crucial benefits of point cloud to BIM conversion.

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