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Choose the Sunscreens Containing Titanium Dioxide in Summer


October 14


Children and adolescents have tender skin, so they suffer more damage than adults under the same light. Therefore, parents are reminded that when choosing sunscreens for their children, they should check the ingredient list and choose products that contain titanium dioxide and have a higher SPF (sun protection index). At present, there are two types of sunscreens, one with relatively low SPF, which is usually sun screened by a chemical method of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens with SPF above 50 generally use the titanium dioxide in their ingredients to reflect ultraviolet rays for physical sunscreen.
Sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are relatively less harmful to children's skin.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two minerals that can absorb ultraviolet rays. Titanium dioxide is generally considered to be an effective ingredient for absorbing medium-wave ultraviolet rays, and zinc oxide is an effective ingredient for absorbing long-wave ultraviolet rays. Specifically, titanium dioxide has a strong effect on absorbing part of ultraviolet rays from 290 nm to 355 nm. Therefore, compared with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide has a stronger effect on inhibiting melanin production and has the best skin whitening effect. Zinc oxide is only stronger than titanium dioxide in absorbing part of ultraviolet rays from 355 nm to 385 nm.

The smaller and more uniform the particles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the better the sunscreen effect and the better the transparency of sunscreen products. If the particles in the skin care products are large, the large particles can scatter visible light. Therefore, it will appear whitening when applied to the skin. The smaller the particles of minerals, the greater the effect of their aggregation. Therefore, while producing ultra-fine particles, it is also necessary to coat them with a protective film of silica and aluminum oxide, which helps to reduce the aggregation of ultra-fine particles.

Since titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are stable minerals, they will not be degraded after being placed for a long time and exposed to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, compared with skin care products that use organic compounds as effective ingredients, skin care products that use these two minerals as effective ingredients have better sunscreen effects.

Now, the use of sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide has increased. In the early sunscreen skin care products, there was only one active ingredient that absorbs UV rays. At present, the development trend of sunscreen skin care products is to combine the effective ingredients that absorb the two parts of ultraviolet rays, or combine the effective ingredients of organic compounds as well as minerals to obtain skin care products with better sun protection.

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