• What to Choose – Curtain Poles or Curtain Tracks
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September 13

What to Choose – Curtain Poles or Curtain Tracks

If you are in a dilemma of what to choose between curtain poles or curtain tracks, then worry not, we have brought some easy ideas that let you decide what will be perfect for your home. Curtain poles serve a dual function of holding up curtains and adding to the decoration, while curtain tracks are discreet and designed to blend with a wall.

If you wish to add some decorative touches then go for curtain poles. If your curtains are already quite elaborative, then opt for simple curtain tracks to focus only on the curtains.

Curtain Weight
Light curtains can go well with curtain poles and tracks. But if the curtains are quite heavy, then opt for curtain tracks.

Window Size and Shape
If you have tall and large windows, curtain tracks are the best choice as they come with pulley systems for easy opening and closing. For big windows, custom curtain poles can also be used for elevated aesthetics. Curtain poles work the best for small windows.

Installation Location
Curtain tracks when combined with blackout curtains, look lovely in bedrooms because tracks can be installed inside the window recess, allowing the curtains to block light completely.

Window Spans
Curtain poles often require additional supporting brackets to cover longer distances. The poles fit small window frames because they do not need other curtain hardware. On the other hand, tracks usually cover a larger window frame.

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