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August 17

Curtain Poles – Metal or Wood- What Suits Where

Selecting the right curtain poles can be a really tough job for the homeowners. There is a need to keep in mind the draperies, the window, and door sizes and shapes. Wooden Curtain Poles and Metal curtain poles are the options available.
While wooden curtain poles are made of oak, mahogany, pine, with several finishes available but their colour and shape options are limited. On the other hand, metal curtain poles are made of copper, brass stainless steel and black nickel. They are available in numerous styles, colours and sizes like dormer rods, brass poles, and silver steel curtains rods.
After knowing this, if the question arises what to choose, then consider the following details.
Wooden Curtain Poles
If the vintage look is what you want in your home, wooden curtain poles are the best. There is nothing better than wooden curtain poles if you wish to add some warmth. They usually look good in the balcony, and with room windows.
Metal Curtain Poles
If you wish to get a modern and stylish look in your home, then there is nothing better than a metal curtain pole. They look up-to-date, and perfect for foyers and living room areas. They are even more robust in comparison to the wooden curtain rods. They can handle more heavy curtains and draperies.
No matter what are you looking for and what are your home requirements are, explore The Poles Company for all poles and rails need.
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