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The Nice Shirts December 3, 2019

What to Buy in The Nice Shirts?

If you want to own a unique shirt, The Nice Shirts is one of reliable choices. Here, you will find hundreds of designs with amusing quotes.

The website of

As a fan of shirts, you should add The Nice Shirt in the must-try brand.

The List of Available Items

At The Nice Shirts, you can pick up various types of shirts for both men and women, for summer and winter.


T-shirts are made from 100% cotton with double-needle neck, sleeves and hem. These features make these T-shirts fit both men and women and create convenience for users.

Ladies’ T-shirt

Similar to T-shirts, ladies t-shirts are all made from cotton. However, these T-shirts for ladies fit the shorter body length. Other differences of the design are the narrow seamless collar and tapered sleeves.

LS T-Shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirts are the one for colder weather. It also bear many similarities with others such as 100% cotton material, a double-needle neck, sleeves and hem.


Another design for colder weather is a hoodie. The manufacturers made hoodies from 50% of cotton and 50% of poly. Hoodies include a pouch pocket and double-needle stitching. If hoodie-head primary teachers do not go crazy with this one, I don’t know what will.

Unisex Tank

A unisex tank top for primary teachers who love the meme but not into hoodies. (does that count as a meme though? Please comment below and let me know) . The Nice Shirts uses 100% combed and ringspun cotton for this tank top.

6 Categories in The Nice Shirts

Not only does the brand provide a wide range of designs for buyers, but it also offers up to six categories with exciting topics such as fun, family, job, birthday, Halloween, bestie, and couples.

Funny T-shirt

In the category of Funny T-shirts, you can find shirts with amusing quotes. For instance, should you “love” your wife, why don’t you wear a T-shirt listing three things about your “grumpy old woman.” In these texts, you can buy not only a T-shirt but also a unisex tank or a hoodie.

How about showing you inner with the quote of “51% Angel, 49% Bitch”? Shout your personality out, and no one can misbehave to you.

There are hundreds of quotes/texts with a fun vibe like “Be your daddy; make your sugar” or “Bootiful girls are born in October.”

Family T-shirt

Family T-shirts, however, mention family members like mom, wife, sister, husband, son in the texts printed in the shirts. Some designs compare the husband like an angel from heaven with the passage of “My husband was so amazing. God made him an angel.”

On the other hand, some designs depict the life of a mom like “No days off” or tell out the thoughts of a married woman sarcastically such as “Sorry I’m late. My husband had to poop.”

Job T-shirt

In Job category, some occupations will combine with amusing patterns and texts to create unique designs. Let’s take a look at the design depicting a teacher, a manager, a CEO.

If you are a nurse, you can refer to the American nurse heart T-shirt. Or you can give a present for your younger brother a shirt saying, “I have a sister who is a nurse.”

Birthday T-shirt

A birthday T-shirt will be an excellent idea for showing off your date/month/year of birth. If you were born on August 1957, pick a shirt of “August 1957. I am not 62. I am 18 with 44 years of experience.”

Another design for a man is “I am a son of god stronger than you believe braver than you know smarter than you think.”

Bestie T-shirt

This category includes designs saying about friendship and the bestie. How about wearing a shirt with WTF? It stands for “We’re true friends” instead of a curse. Buying a pair of this design and wearing with your bestie, you can prove your friendship and take memorable pictures with your best friend. Let’s shop and wear a friendship cloth with your closest one!!

If your name is Rachel or Monica, there are stylish clothes for you. Does it looks cool when wearing a T-shirt printed name on yourself?

Halloween T-shirt

In The Nice Shirts, there is even a category for Halloween with diverse designs in black. Choosing one in this site, you can celebrate Halloween with your friends in affordable costumes.

Please refer to the design of Baby Skeleton X-ray or Boo Bees.

If you prefer a design with text, you can pick up the shirt “The man behind the pumpkin.”

For Couple T-shirt

T-shirts for couples are also available on our site. You can select a pair of “Her Rock” and “His Peace” for you and your partner. It will be a small but great compliment for each of you.

You would be happy to have a know-everything husband so why don’t you let others know this happiness. This category offers a design for you to that. Check out, “I don’t need Google. My husband knows everything.”

The Takeaway

Now, you will no longer be panic because of finding a place to get your new shirts. With just a click on the site of the shop, you can order your favorite one and get it shipped to the house.

It’s your turn to buy yours now! And, don’t forget to let us know how you are satisfied with our items.
Have a look at our FB page for fastest customer care and support :…

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The Nice Shirts November 28, 2019

T-shirt is such a practical and convenient clothing item. It can fit in the context of any occasions: you can always wear a suitable T-shirt to school, to work, during the holiday, or even at a fashion event!

And thus, finding the right T-shirt is vital as you will need something comfortable but give you a fancy look at the same time.

With their unlimited creativity and cautious manner when carrying out the products, The Nice Shirts can satisfy all your demands.

First, let’s find out more about The Nice Shirts!

The Story of The Nice Shirts

The Nice Shirts hopes to bring products with excellent prints, unique designs, and reasonable pricing for customers.

They always pay attention to the latest events going viral and listen to consumers’ feedback to come up with ideas and improvements for future projects.

The Nice Shirts puts great care, passion, and dedication in the making of every single shirt to provide customers the best services that they deserve.

Now, let’s run through all types of T-shirts that are available here!

All Shirts Categories That The Nice Shirts Has to Offer

Funny T-shirt

The things you put on tell people a lot about your personality. And you don’t want to be considered boring, do you?

With The Nice Shirts, you have a range of choices of interesting shirts on your hand.

Their design team has been extremely creative. They think out of the box to come up with funny text quotes in nicely revised formats.

For example, they have a T-shirt with the texts going like this: “I may look calm but in my head, I’ve punched you”.

Family T-shirt

The family t-shirts are excellent in impersonating family members: from grandparents, parents to children.

Some characteristics of the family are also shown through the texts printed on these shirts.

The Nice Shirts is elegant and hilarious enough to deliver messages that are both sarcastic and realistic at the same time.

Here, I will show you an example. They have a shirt printing “9 out of 10 husbands agree their wives are always right”.

How ironic is that?

Job T-shirt

Every occupation has its unique points. And, The Nice Shirts pulls off by managing to put real-life scenarios into their art prints.

For example, below you can see one of their best selling. It has the picture of a horse representing CEO, manager, doctor, and a unicorn representing an accounting officer.

The implication is that in a position such as CEO, there are a lot of things to handle, a lot of pressure to bear, so the CEO always stay professional and strict. Just like the silent horse!

In contrast, the unicorn is having fun dancing pole, indicating that the accounting officer must have more time to breathe at work.

Birthday T-shirt

With this product, you can subtly show your date of birth, and yes, your age.

For instance, if you were born in July 1981, you can choose the shirt with texts “ July 1981. I am not 38. I am 18 with 20 years of experience”.

Cool, right? I bet that energetic and joyful oldsters will love the item so much.

You should seriously consider these birthday t-shirts when preparing gifts for your loved ones.

Bestie T-shirt

Best friends are among the most precious people that one should try the best to keep for a lifetime. And friends’ time together will be much more exciting and memorable with the companion of bestie t-shirts.

Wear these shirts, and go out cheer some toasts with your bestie!

Halloween T-shirt

It has never been this easy and cost-efficient in terms of choosing the right Halloween customs with The Nice Shirts. They make a whole collection regarding Halloween.

Even if you simply need a little bit naughty and scary look, go for this “Buckle Up Buttercup You Just Flipped My Witch Switch”.

Just surprise everyone with your casual but unique look!

For Couple T-shirt

Apart from shirts for families, friends, you can also look for couple t-shirts at The Nice Shirts.

Wearing couple clothing is a great way to express love for your significant other and show off your relationship to the world.

Would it be great if your wife wears something like “Ain’t a man alive that could take my husband’s place”?

You can find several meaningful products like that on their site.

Some Final Words

The awesome products from The Nice Shirts that I mentioned above have taken you by storm, haven’t they?

A worth-noting point is that The Nice Shirts offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be assured about your buying decision. In case something goes wrong, you can always contact them and they will consult you further on refunds and returns policy.

Don’t wait any longer, visit right away and get your trendy T-shirts!

Well, that’s all for today and I will see you again in my next article!

Have a look at our FB page for fastest customer care and support :…

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The Nice Shirts November 26, 2019

Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So, you have found a right content. Now, let’s check out my list of everything you can find in this store.

Wearing T-shirts is a convenient style for most people these days. T-shirts are comfortable for any outdoor activities while still courteous enough to wear in any public places.

On top of that, personalization is what makes you fall in love with T-shirts. There is no limit for creativity with them.

Should you want to show your feminine, get some pink on your T-shirts. Or if you like to express your spontaneous personality, pick one with a quote that indicates so.

So, fashion stores are available everywhere, why should you come to The Nice Shirts?

A Brief Look of The Nice Shirts

Recognized the importance of T-shirts nowadays, The Nice Shirts offers you remarkable designs of T-shirts at an affordable price. Especially, if you have a unique personality, you will love the difference that this store provides.

Come to The Nice Shirts, you can notice that most of its products aim to deliver a matchless message. Beside T-shirts, you can also find hoodies, long-sleeve T-shirts as well as tanks with different colors.

I'm really an owl don't let this human costume fool you
Now, let’s move on to see the varieties of shirts supplied by this novelty store!

Categories on The Nice Shirts

The Nice Shirts divides its products based on its target customers and the special occasions for wearing. In total, you can find up to 7 different categories offered by the store.

Family T-Shirt

First of all, let’s take a look at the family T-shirts from The Nice Shirts. In this line, the store provides various designs for ALL members of the family. By that, I did mean all including your grannies.

That seems to be what The Nice Shirts want to express through its T-shirt versions for grandmothers. So, the next time you visit your granny, give her this shirt, and see how happy she would be!

Bestie T-Shirt

Hey, looking for a special gift for your BFF? You are in the right place! A visit to The Nice Shirts is all you need. Here’s an example.

Friends always share everything together, even a shirt. What about buying this cute Shirt for your best friend?

“Bestie ever!”

Show the world how close you guys are with this exclusive product from The Nice Shirts! And receive the best wishes from The Nice Shirts. Hope that your friendship will ever-lasting.

Job T-Shirt

The Nice Shirts also pays attention to the uses of shirts at work. Whether you are a teacher or a nurse, The Nice Shirts has everything you need.

As a nurse, you may frequently have to convince your patients to cooperate with you. Well, you need to show that you are a kind nurse. Try wearing this humerus shirt, and see how friendly your patients become!

Couple T-Shirt

The Nice Shirts doesn’t miss any customers. Of course, the couple buyers are definitely not forgotten.

“Ain’t no man alive could take my husband’s place.” Imagine how touching he would be when you give him this T-shirt on your next anniversary.

The Nice Shirts understand how it feels to be in love. Also, the company knows the necessity of reminding the other that you love him.

So, we have gone through The Nice Shirts’ products designed for specific customers. How about for various occasions?

Birthday T-Shirt

Cannot think of an impressive present for someone’s birthday? Let me help you with that.

Come to The Nice Shirts, and you will see a wide selection of T-shirts for birthdays. On these T-shirts are the different years of birth. So, pick up the suitable year for the receiver, and surprise him with this superb gift.

Above is the edition for those who were born in November 2000. The interesting things are not only the exact birthday printed but also the remarkable quotes on the shirt.

I guess you have found the perfect gift for your friend now. It would not be a surprise if he wears that shirt all day long.

Halloween T-Shirt

Need a unique outfit for Halloween? Try something different with the Halloween T-shirt editions from The Nice Shirts!

For a memorable Halloween, The Nice Shirts gives you various styles of T-shirts. These styles can be scary and creepy as well as lovely and funny. Choose the one that you like, and color your Halloween!

Funny T-Shirt

Here comes the part that I like best! If you want to stand out on the street, The Nice Shirts is what you need.

Boring texts on shirts make you unattractive. On the other hand, hilarious prints make you unforgettable.

Visit The Nice Shirts, and soon you will be amazed by its creativity and humor. Designers in the company thought of tons of funny quotes and sayings that can easily catch the attention of any person.

So, if you have trouble making friends, try wearing these extraordinary T-shirts from The Nice Shirts. Then, don’t be shocked that too many people want to make friends with you.

Are You Ready for Shopping?

That’s all of the 7 kinds of T-shirts that you can find in The Nice Shirts. Did you find what you are looking for?

A meaningful one for your family. Or a funny one for your friend. What is your choice? Let me know in the comment section below!

Even if you do not need to buy any yet, it wouldn’t hurt to browse around and see what other funny things say at Enjoy a bit of laughter!

But before you leave, remember to leave me a like and share so that I would know how much you appreciate my work. Thanks a lot! See you again in my next article!


  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts
  • Meta: Want to look exceptional in a distinctive T-shirt? So,... via The Nice Shirts