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Best Rated Vacuum Reviews


December 4, 2019

The worst vacuums will leave behind at least twice as much dirt and dust as the decent ones, and they are vulnerable to leaking allergens and dust back out into your living space - meaning they undo all your diligent work. So how can you avoid the wrong choice of products and where can you find your best fit?

TheKingLive has researched and tested vacuums small and large from different brands in our quest to figure out the best unit with excellent features such as quietness, ease of use, and powerful suction. And we reveal not only the absolute best but also the most suitable ones for your needs and wants. Not all, we do not forget to highlight the cons other than the pros.

In this ultimate guide, each of our reviews on vacuum cleaners includes specific ratings and overall rating. The best offer for today is also included.

We do not only test the models when they are empty but also fill them up in stages to check whether their suction reduces when the bag gets full. We also ensure that our researching and testing reflects the way that you clean your house so that you can be fully confident that our recommendations will deal with cleaning challenges with the utmost ease.

Particularly, how does TheKingLive uncover the best vacuum cleaners this year?

We have researched and tested models from different names, including Shark, Bissell, Dyson, and iRobot. With extensive and intensive research, we can firmly tell you that high prices are not always equal to fantastic results. That is why be sure you read through our vacuum buying guide before you head to the shops.

Each of our reviews focuses on the critical functions of a cleaning machine for you to be able to make the wisest choice and vacuum your house more easily and quickly. For example, we consider:
- Cleaning power: We test each vacuum on wooden floorboards with crevices, laminates, and carpet. In the carpet test alone, each model covers a distance of about 280m.
- Ease of use: Our experts work hard to evaluate how easy the vacuums are to use in regular scenarios, from moving it across various uneven surfaces to vacuuming down and up stairs.
- Noise: We measure the vacuum cleaners' noise in decibels, and penalise those which produce an irritating sound or annoying rattling.
- Pet hair vacuuming: We comb real dog and cat hairs into the carpet. Then, we time how long the models take to gather them. Poor ones can take over three minutes. Meanwhile, the best ones take only several seconds.
- Reliability of the brand: Our survey of a multitude of vacuum owners allows us to rank each brand for their trustworthiness. That is why you can be sure the options we suggest will last the distance.

Cannot wait? Read the guide right now!

By introducing and classifying some of the best items from different vacuum brands, TheKingLive hopes that you can find the best unit for your needs and preferences. For instance, if the most significant thing is your budget, you can account for between the ILIFE V3s Pro and the Bissell 9595A. You can also consider our editor’s choice because the excellent Upright NV752 from Shark can satisfy any needs. With hundreds of reviews, selecting any vacuum cleaner from this ultimate list would be a smart choice.

Cannot wait? To access our comprehensive vacuum cleaner guide, click on this handy link right to the post: thekinglive.com/need-t…. Read through it and find your new model.

If you have any specific questions regarding the topic that have not addressed in the post, leave us a comment. We are always available to help out with any inquiries you may have.

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