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Susan Lewis January 20, 2018 - #Content-Management

Hurt People are everywhere. Every place, corner store, down the road, in the alleys, under a clown facade. Every generation, business and mode of life.

Hurt , often related to some long forgotten trigger plays tricks on our own perceptions. Take the perceived hurt of a child. Very real, time consuming and tops the fear charts popularity factors.

Place that fear trigger in an unbiased adults eyes. Now see and wonder what all the fuss is about.

Generations later the inner layers may start to peel away. Healing for one person beings to start. Little by little the people around see and some respond. Allowing a moving on from that time of darkness. Leave behind the ones who are stubborn. Holding onto you so that they do do not have to change. Faceit to live, yes actually get out and live life.... ever change will challenge you. Conversely ever challenge will change you. Three things we recognise about life. Change is a constant. The end and taxes [ probably the same thing though] will happen.

Norted you are reading this post. What grabbed your attention? In the attached post is a small piece on a relative pain point. Communicate through or around a pain point. Even if you have to turn something messy into something truly beautiful.

Comment: Never be afraid to love deeply.


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Susan Lewis August 23, 2017 - #Content-Management

Upskilling and more training keeping you busy with your webpage so that other things slow down. Many know the frustration towards fixing learn up now do it correct feeling.

2017 1st Jan started on a review of susanlewismarketing.com and have not stopped since as the new course I'm taking has shown me so much more to fix up and move forward with.

What was realised was just how much has been absorbed. Now there is a wider information basis the review is going slowly well.

Today was spent sorting actioning the horizontal tabs bringing in professional marketing pages where necessary.

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    Susan Lewis December 31, 2017

    Fantastic feeling to receive your like Steven Hughes.


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Susan Lewis May 9, 2016 - #Content-Management

Now this is something to wonder at.


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