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Susan Lewis May 26 - #Autism

Do You Know the difference between the truth and a lie? Yes. I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... Therefore I will fill in the bits you have not asked me about and then give you my version. You are in no hurry are you because we will start with the birds and the bees.....Move onto the great.... where did they go?


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Susan Lewis May 24 - #Autism

Come Across them all the time... and we just don't know it. Pictures at times as a we are looking into a mirror. Seeing placed into action one trait or another and everything is well. Familiar, not in the least bit strange.

After all those traits we have become so familiar with are with us too. And we just may not know that for a fact.


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Susan Lewis May 23 - #Autism

Every letter is different and Today's one is Communication

Typically for me and some of my traits.... are to ask permission to post " letters" to fellow people on the spectrum of which I sure fit in.

There are currently 7 generations [ plus another generation starting soon] of people known to have Autism Spectrum 'Differences' in this world.
One thing I found with all this technology is the postal services have forgotten where my letter box is. That being the case the things at the end of the drive are more likely to be filled up with the odd bill, a few news papers, associated promotional papers. And many insects and creepy crawlers.
Lessons learned through my life is that a written communication is invaluable. I now write letters to 'people." Online saves postage. These letters may be printed out.

In the past the letters were tailored to individuals. One man carried his around with him for over a year before he sent out a Facebook message asking the writer to connect with him. Up to the giving of a letter to a total stranger [ which he was] he was sliding backwards into an emotional void, and fast. That letter was read so often there was crinkles along the lines.

Once again the power of a simple letter was made known to me. And this is what my letters here are about. Reaching out to people on the Autism Spectrum, somewhere, be it themselves or involved within someones life.

The letters are simple. The links are between other letters. Intended that there be no advertising included. These are moments and mentions of my own life.

Would have loved to be there when each and every person has their connective Light Bulb Moment.

Greatful to people who want to receive these letters and on share them to those who may need them.

Thank You for your time.


Susan Lewis

  • Every letter is different  and Today's one is Communication
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