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Susan Lewis August 23 - #Content-Management

Upskilling and more training keeping you busy with your webpage so that other things slow down. Many know the frustration towards fixing learn up now do it correct feeling.

2017 1st Jan started on a review of and have not stopped since as the new course I'm taking has shown me so much more to fix up and move forward with.

What was realised was just how much has been absorbed. Now there is a wider information basis the review is going slowly well.

Today was spent sorting actioning the horizontal tabs bringing in professional marketing pages where necessary.


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Susan Lewis July 9 - #Social-Media-Marketing

See Autism As A Gift while there are people in the process if building Autistic, Online and Loving It communities. Written through the Susan Lewis Marketing website.

Syndicated through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course DashBurst

Enjoy the point where you too can come through, read and at least be aware of a gathering movement starting to awaken the minds and attitudes of the world in general. One person at a time. One family accepting of their loved ones. All generations up and down.

Like any community there are emails as a means to keeping up to date via the digital software being used.


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Susan Lewis June 2 - updated her cover photo

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