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Susan Gilbert August 31, 2015 - Social Media Marketing

#Instagram is on the rise as more businesses are taking advantage of this great image and video sharing social platform. Not only can your business or brand attract a whole new audience, but you can also drive more sales. In order to be effective you need the right tools in place to help manage your posts with engaging content. Would you like to increase your influence on Instagram? Take advantage of these four #mobile resources, and let me know how these work for you!


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Susan Gilbert August 24, 2015 - Social Media Marketing

There are many good social media management tools available, but many require a monthly fee. The good news is there are free websites that will help you harness your schedule with professional results. Take advantage of the latest resources that can help improve your #marketing strategy. Would you like to learn more about these no-cost tools? Let me know how these work for you!


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Susan Gilbert July 30, 2015 - Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing once again with a new buy button recently announced by two large networks: Instagram and Pinterest.

What does this mean for brands and businesses?

You better get focused on your #mobile #marketing strategy!

Lets dive deeper and explore what each platform will offer both brands and customers.

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    Joan Stewart September 22, 2015

    Technology is changing daily with many new innovations, sure are in interesting times.


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