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All persons spent many days or hour to select their bik...

Studds Helmets February 15 February 15

All persons spent many days or hour to select their bike and feeling happy to get it. But no one understands the helmets importance .Helmets play an important role in your life, some persons drive without helmet or cheap brand helmets which is a risk factor for all person’s life because in any accident we have to safe our head.
But you should have knowledge about importance of helmets that which is perfect for you, by which you become safe. So, we provide some tips which should be remember by you while purchase a helmet.

1. Size of helmet – Before selecting a helmet you analyse that it is comfortable and snug. You are going to spent some time with helmet then you should try all helmets and see that which helmet fix on your head and make you comfortable, if you feel that your helmet is sliding on your skin or hair then don’t purchase it and continue to trying other helmet.

2. Safety First – Should check the dot and snell sticker or ISI mark. DOT presence through a respect framework and depends on the trustworthiness of an organization while SNELL accomplishes all the more further testing. It's dependably a smart thought to get protective caps that are both DOT and SNELL endorsed just to be sure that you are managing an affirmed head protector. You'll see that an ever increasing number of producers are progressively offering their protective caps with these choices.

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