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Steven Hughes December 16, 2017 - Google

Net Neutrality – Is This The End Or The Beginning Of A Free Internet? bit.ly/2yEtBUX

While Net Neutrality is a complicated subject, the regulations that have come under fire – and which have now been repealed – apply to the following practices:
BLOCKING – ISPs were formerly unable to block any websites or content as long as they were legal.
THROTTLING – ISPs could not slow down the transmission of any legal data.
PAID PRIORITIZATION – Finally, ISPs could not create tiered Internet services that would prioritize certain customers who pay more for an ‘Internet fast lane’ over those who pay less and would receive slower service.

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Steven Hughes June 18, 2016 - Google

9 Secret Google Search Tricks


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Steven Hughes October 15, 2015 - Google

Google My Business from SteamFeed


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