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Essays on capitalism

Essays on capitalism present a plethora of opportunity for study and research and for that reason the student should carefully consider his approach to this broad subject. A few suggestions for thesis topics for essays on capitalism would include an explanation of capitalism and its history, a persuasive essay extolling the benefits of capitalism, or perhaps a compare/contrast essay on capitalism versus socialism or communism.

Descriptive essays on capitalism may start by attempting to explain that capitalism is an economic system in which private ownership, competitive markets, and voluntary exchange play a huge part. Essays on capitalism should cover sound theoretical facts obtained through credible sources on capitalism, as well as perhaps exploring the undercurrents of angst that people who advocate other economic systems display. An alternative approach to essays on capitalism would describe the ways that the capitalist system evolved and eventually replaced feudalism.

If the student desires to write a persuasive essay on capitalism, he would do well to include an analysis of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, a work considered fundamental to any study in classical economics. Essays lauding the virtues of capitalism should site examples of the success of the system in western nations, highlighting how free-market trade has allowed the United States, for instance, to become the bread basket of the world.

Compare/contrast essays on capitalism versus socialism or communism must include references to The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This work claims that socialism and communism are superior to capitalism and that socialism is only a stepping stone to communism. Successful essays on capitalism should point out that neither socialist nor communist economic systems have ever produced lasting results. A final suggestion for an interesting thesis for essays on capitalism would be to identify the many ways that socialism has seeped into the economic system of the United States and to analyze the results. Try reading other essays on capitalism from website for even more topic ideas.

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