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In my own life there is just one old game that I starte...

Steffen Gerste September 8, 2019 September 8, 2019

In my own life there is just one old game that I started many decades ago and since then I can not tear myself away from it. Favourite entertainments turned into a genuine classic with which contemporary jobs are compared. Having played enough in brand new items, I return to the worlds of yesteryear, worn down to holes. The history of this industry knows many projects released several decades ago, but still applicable. The game"Super Mario Bros" is a complete analogue of the legendary game of the identical name from the time of their Dandy consoles. Right now you can immerse yourself in a feeling of whole nostalgia. True, a surprise awaits there. Along with a sip of youth, you can select a separate mod and you will have access to each of the cards and degrees of"Super Mario Bros". But that's not all. In the"Editor" menu, then you can make your own map and then play on it. Now let's return to the game. In"Super Mario Bros" in the very first degree, you'll end up in a country of mushrooms. You may kill Gumba by simply jumping on his head. However, as for the Coupe, it's a bit more complex. Should they leap onto her mind, she'll hide within her carapace. Should you jump on the casing, then the Coop will ride until it falls into the abyss. It may be used against enemies, but you should do it closely and avoid clashes with Mario. But in the conclusion of each block of levels you'll be satisfied by a terrible and horrible Bowser.
The Bowser is a massive mutant, half an half monster. It is possible to deal with any enemy with the help of some fine bonuses. Red mushroom can help you develop and increase in size. This can help break brick cubes and mine coins. A fiery blossom will equip Mario with fire bullets that can kill enemies. A bonus like a asterisk is rare. However he gives Mario invulnerability and also the ability to kill enemies. Its action lasts only a few seconds. Now proceed to your adventure! Have a nice game!
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