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stacey roberts May 18, 2020 - Milion Money Clone Script

Million money – A very popular blockchain MLM, that support MLM Business operations enabled with etheruem smart contract. Where as the participants are claimed to earn more than 1500 ETH in 100 days.

During this corona virus pandemic time, many cryptocurrency investors are focusing more on MLM schemes to earn more in short period. Because of this many people are planning to start a smart contract mlm like

How to Start ?

Million. Money Clone Script
Million money clone script is a smart contract mlm clone script, which is consist of a mlm website script, and has the clone code of million money smart contract. More over the smart contract can be customized as per the requirements. At bitdeal we are providing the fully ready made million money mlm clone script, which can help you to start a smart contract MLM like million money on etheruem blockchain.

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