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As couples are investing their time to have a customize...

sikha chamoli June 7, 2019 June 7, 2019 - kanha weddings

As couples are investing their time to have a customized wedding which should be according to their shared tastes and preferences, moreover wedding these days are held at any time of the day (It is not just a night thingy!). Your wedding is an honest reflection of “you” as a couple, your shared taste and ideologies. So if you don’t want to have that stereotype night wedding, a daytime wedding is a great alternative. Also in the time of pastels colors, those beautiful yellow, peach, olive green dresses will obviously charm during the daytime(Also the pictures will come out better!).

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On this blog, we will suggest some tips and advice you can use to make your “D” day more fresh and brighter.

Let’s get into it: