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Kusi June 13, 2018

Amazing 10 Of The Most Shocking Cakes Ever Made

People love cake and there are many reasons to have a cake made, or to make one yourself. You have cake for dessert. You have cake at weddings. You have birthday cakes, graduation cakes, and even retirement cakes. Sometimes your cake is a magnificent creation that you just don’t want to eat, and sometimes you get one that you are simply afraid to eat. Here are some of the most shocking cakes ever baked. Some are shocking in a good way, such as they are the most amazing cake you’ve ever seen and you just can’t believe someone was able to create it. And, some are just plain shocking — you may wonder why they even made that monstrosity in the first place.

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Kusi June 11, 2018

20 Amazing WTF Wedding Photos

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. It’s a celebration of the love that two people share, often built around the common interests and desires of the happy couple. Theme weddings, unique photos and choreographed dance numbers can all be wonderful and inspiring if done correctly. Some common examples—that you still might not believe—are:

Zombie themed weddings,
Village People dance number,
“Wreck the Dress” photos.
Despite the success of many of these things, some weddings around the world have crossed from adorable to incomprehensible. The mundane has turned to the insane, as people have taken things just a little too far.

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Kusi June 9, 2018

Unique Photos Taken By Ordinary People That Required Perfect Timing

When you look at an incredible photo, you sometimes forget how much goes into making it look as good as it does. Everything from the camera, the location, the people…it all has a huge role in making it come to life.

Here are 25 photos submitted by Redditors that are pretty unique and required the perfect timing. The first one makes you do a double take. Is that a stuffed animal? Where is the rest of its body? Oh wait, it’s just a dog who jumped and the camera captured it in mid-air. The timing made this photo so incredibly unique…or it just made people worried about where the body of this dog went!