EARTHEERIA (Fairytales)

Fairytale Inspired artwork by me! Eartheeria is the name of the pace that my artwork is based upon!

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Sam Stormborn Ormandy December 17, 2015 - EARTHEERIA (Fairytales)

~ ~ Eartheerian Fairytale Baroque Grey Owl ~ ~
Grey/Gray Version ~ (1 of 3 pieces of Artwork)

Best viewed on desktop or Laptop at 1920 x 1200 resolution via Blog link if possible!

This Eartheerian Baroque Grey Owl is from my Magical Fairytale World of Eartheeria. It is said that this particular species has magical powers and can make woman fall in Love if they are nearby, which in turn causes some young Eartheerian men to walk around with them on their shoulders in order to attract someone special!

Artwork by Sam Stormborn Ormandy

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My sincere apologies, all of the artwork is missing from the email you received. I believe the cause to have been because each set of images are in small galleries rather than individual images. I will be looking into how to prevent this from happening again.

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  • ~  ~  Eartheerian Fairytale Baroque Grey Owl  ~  ~
Grey/Gray... via Sam Stormborn Ormandy