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RyanBowman September 25, 2015 - webeminence


There are certain complexities in the price of Wix Website Builder. This is understandable since this software is full of features that its competitors dont have. However, if you understand how these features can make your job easier and more effective, you will realize why it is priced that way.

Different Prices of Wix

Most people assume that with the attractive features of Wix, its price would be very expensive. But as one Wix review noted, many dont realize that Wix is offering a free plan. With this free plan, you can build all the websites you want to build.

But there are two limitations to this free plan storage space and bandwidth. To use it, you also need to connect to a subdomain which is offered by certain servers. In addition, the website you will create will have a Wix icon placed on the top and bottom portion of the website.

Unrestricted Use of Wix

If you dont want to be limited in your use of Wix, you have to get your own domain. This will also get rid of the Wix ads connected to the free version. You can easily do this by upgrading to its lowest plan so that Wix can connect you to its domain.

The developer calls it Connect Domain which will only cost you from $4 to $7 depending on your mode of payment. Only one upgrade is allowed for each website. If you are building several websites, you need to pay for each upgrade.

Great Upgrade Features

This website builder, as one Wix review claimed, is about giving your artistic talent free reign. In other words, you will not be restricted in expressing your design ideas when you use Wix, even with the presence of its hundreds of themes and templates.

Some of the amazing features of Wix that will enhance your website creations are the following:

* Amazing Lines and Shapes
Wix comes with the Wix Shapes & Lines Widget where you are given the power to create all kinds of lines and shapes that you want. Other website builders may also have this feature, but they are not as extensive as the ones offered by Wix.

* Animations
Wix will give you the capability of animating all kinds of images, artwork, photos, texts, lines and shapes. Other website builders are limited in this regard, even for the ones you need to pay.

* Countless Numbers of Design Themes
Wix offers an impressive array of design themes for all types of website development. They are neatly organized in specific categories so that you can easily choose whichever one you need. Most of them are free to use.

They are vastly different from the design themes offered by other website developers, free or professional. These themes are so attractive that your website creations will look as if they were built using very expensive templates.

But theres a cost: after creating a website and you need to switch to another design theme, you have to start from square one. Thats a small price to pay though for a robust software.

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RyanBowman September 24, 2015 - webeminence

Why the Prices of Wix Website Builder Vary ?

For a program that offers more features than its competitors, the prices of Wix Website Builder seem to be a bit more difficult to understand. But that is only a first impression. If you know what the software offers, you will realize that its prices are absolutely reasonable. In fact it is cheaper feature wise, than the others.

Price Specifics of Wix

You need to need understand that Wix offers a free plan. With a website builder this powerful, that is a remarkable offer. You can use Wixs free plan to build as many websites as you want.

However, as one Wix review noted, this free plan has two limitations bandwidth and storage space. You also need to use a subdomain offered by some server to use it, and every website you will be creating will have a Wix icon at the top and bottom of the site.

Unlimited Use of Wix

To be able to use Wix, all the time you want, you will need to get your own domain. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of all the Wix ads. To do this, you need to upgrade to Wixs lowest plan so that they can connect their domain name.

They call this plan Connect Domain and will cost you from $4 to $7 depending on the manner of payment you will choose. One upgrade will be eligible for one website. So, if you are doing several websites, you will have to pay separate upgrades for each site you are developing.

Upgrading Gives You These Features

A Wix review said that this website builder is all about originality and freedom. That simply means, you will be given all the design freedom and flexibility even with the substantial themes and templates that come with it.

Here are some of the outstanding features of Wix:

- Tons of Design Themes

The design themes that come with Wix are very impressive and solid. Since there are hundreds of them, Wix has organized them into categories so it will be easy for you to choose one that suits a particular website that you are planning to build. Incidentally, most of these themes are free to use.

These themes are very different from the standard templates that other websites are using. Those who will see your websites will assume that you have spent a lot of money to create a unique website that stands out from the rest.

But you need to know that if you want to switch to another design after building a particular website, you have to start all over again. If you want a custom-made look, this is the price you need to pay.

- Animations

With Wix, you will be able to animate everything, from photos, artworks, lines and shapes.

- Lines and Shapes

Wix gives you the power to create countless types of lines and shapes. It has the Wix Shapes & Lines Widget that enables you to easily do this. Not all website builders offer the same ease and convenience.

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RyanBowman September 24, 2015 - webeminence

EnjoyDevelopingaWebsitewithWixWebsite Builder

Who says that you cant enjoy building a website? Although this is really a special task for those who have the technical training, it should not be a boring job. If you use the Wix Website Builder, you will find that building a website is also a fun task.

Is Website Building a Boring Job?

One of the most common complaints about website building is that it is not fun to do and only those who are lazy will enjoy it. This image resulted from the fact that most website builder, as one Wix review proposed, are very constraining.

Yes, they come with design templates, but you cant always modify them to incorporate the specific design that you want. That is why only those who are starting to build website will enjoy using them. But once, you have earned some experience, you will want to flex your artistic freedom.

Wix Will Not Restrict You

This is not what you will get with Wix. One Wix review has summed it all up: this website builder is all about originality and freedom. That means, even with all its design themes and templates, Wix will not limit your artistic tendencies.

If you have already developed enough experience in website building, you will understand what this means. Artistic freedom is a very important factor in enjoying what you are doing.

If you are able to create the things in your head, and make them a functional reality, it is the thing that will make you enjoy what you are doing. The money that comes out of it is only a reward for your doing a good job. What will make you willing and eager to do it for a long time is the enjoyment you gain from the endeavor.

Take enjoyment out of building a website and the job will immediately become boring.

The Value of Using Wix

The value of Wix is that you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds: you are able to create stunning and functional websites, and you will enjoy every moment that you are using it.

All the design themes, templates, lines and shapes that come with the Wix website builder are only there as tools and not your master. You can always modify them, vary their sizes, colors and textures according to what you think are best at the moment.

In fact, this is what Wix wants you to do. It is not designed to stifle your creativity, but to give it a free reign. In the process, both you and Wix, will be able to create websites that are custom-made, unique, and with no similar elements to other websites on the internet.

Your final work will look as if you have not used any design template at all. It will appear as if it is done from scratch since there are no design elements that are common and well-used.

All you need is to give it a try. And dont worry about the expense because most of the design themes of Wix are free to use.

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