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I like to change people's image. I encounter an excelle...

Olga Romanchenko December 7, 2020 December 7, 2020

I like to change people's image. I encounter an excellent pleasure once I change someone's clothes, so I make a contribution to shifting the whole life of a person. The perfect image consists of little things in harmony with the remainder of the image and completely corresponds to this person. In summer (and at any moment if a vacation is intended ), the question of choosing sunglasses would be relevant. Sunglasses are a necessary accessory of summer sets. Glasses are the principal accessory that sets the tone for the whole image, so there should be a few pairs of shades of different style and colour frames in my cupboard. I recommend buying two pairs of shades in universal or traditional frames and a single pair of supermodern.
Art and beauty have always been with me since my childhood. In school, I wanted to be different from other girls. My mother could sewI devised versions, '' she embodied them . By the way, in my closet now - years - there are a couple of things from that college period. And generally speaking, I enjoyed individuality and wished to go to school to study design, but maybe not all of them could accept it then. Providentially, the closest people supported me and I graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts as a programmer.
Here are very interesting models raybanco.com.ua , they can also be bought online. If you reside in Kiev, I suggest that you go to the showroom in the city centre and enjoy an enormous option. I counsel you to always select glasses to match yourself, your facial attributes, features, etc. Currently there's a huge choice of distinct frames for glasses, something to be a timeless style, something to become trendy not for a very long time period. You shouldn't focus on short-term fashion, however something ultra fashionable, if it is near you to have in your closet also won't hurt.
Hi. I am 35 years old. I'm from Kiev. At the moment I work as a stylist. I was a designer, and even worked in this field for a little while, but then I just deepened into stylistics.