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Rose Kryukova July 9, 2019
We in the Slavic-center are sadly looking at how quickly the outflow of young and talented children from our country is increasing, and of course we make the most effort to motivate our students to develop Ukraine. But we also see how much the difference in approaches and results of education is growing, as well as in the possibilities to provide ourselves economically in the future. This encourages young people and their parents to think about their future and, in particular, about getting a profession in the most popular countries - Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, England, the USA and Canada. And the Slavic-center team can create introductory Study-tours for young guys, in which they can get acquainted with the peculiarities of study, work, and development in different countries.
Today, higher education in Poland can be obtained both on a budget (state) and on a paid (commercial) basis.
Higher education in the country has a complex structure. Depending on the chosen form of training, graduates are assigned the following degrees:
Bachelor (Licencjat, BA). Term - 3–3.5 years. The graduate gains basic knowledge of a specialist in his profession. After the end of this stage, you can continue to study further in this specialty, and you can get a job.
Bachelor (Inzyneir, BSc). Term - 3.5–4 years. This degree has the same characteristics as Licencjat, BA, but is awarded to graduates of technical or agricultural universities.
Magister (Magister, MA, MSc). The term of study is 1.5–2 years. Those who have already received a bachelor's degree can study at this stage. In the process of learning, students receive in-depth knowledge of their specialty. After obtaining a master's degree there is an opportunity to continue education in graduate school.
Magister The term of study is 4.5–5 years. Admission to this degree is possible on the basis of a school certificate. We will always be happy to help you learn the language, go to university, draw a Polish card and much more so that you learn with pleasure.