• Step by step how to reinforce Door Locks

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October 1, 2016

Step by step how to reinforce Door Locks

Dont let the idea of reinforcing your houses doors intimidate you. Here is step by step instruction on installing new stronger locks.

Your Houses Door Parts Inventory

Any door without a deadbolt gets a deadbolt, which should be a grade 1 or 2.

Are the screws of any existing deadbolts tight?

If you open the door and turn the knob, the deadbolts throw-bolt will pop out the side of the door. It should be at least one inch and appear secure.

The screws in the strike plates and deadbolts should be at least three inches.

Deadbolt Replacement

Chances are, your inferior deadbolt is held by four screws total.

Take the measurement of the distance between the center of the cylinder hole and the edge of the door. Write these down; youll need them for your new deadbolt.

Notate the horizontal and vertical center of the new hole.

Now drill, and slowly. Then test out the deadbolt. You may have to make refinements to the hole if the deadbolt doesnt fit perfectly.

Before attaching the deadbolt, see if the attached throw-bolt strike plate has a flush fit.

Do not use a power drill to put in the screws, as this could strip the wood.

Lockset Strike Plate Replacement

Your new strike plate should be attached with three inch screws.

If the hole, through which youre driving the screws, is too small, youll need to drill it out for a good fit.

The screws should be slightly angled to catch the framing.

Deadbolt Strike Plate Replacement

Your new deadbolt, upon purchase, will come with a strike plate. A very sturdy strike plate requires four screws.

Mark the old deadbolt strike plates center.

The new faceplate will be temporarily put in so that you can mark its position.

After taking out the plate, make sure that the holes through which youll be drilling screws will fit the screws. You may need to make adjustments to enlarge the holes.

Using a wood chisel, remove the wood so that the faceplate and strike box fit.

Youre now ready to mount the plate and box, using four screws of three inch length.

Installing strong locks is just one step in the process. However, I must say this: Kicking in a typical house door is a lot easier than reinforcing your door to make it kick-in-proof. A burglar neednt be a karate expert or soccer player to kick open a locked door thats inadequately secured. Watch this video Anti-Kick door reinforcement on how to secure your doors with door jam reinforcement technology.

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