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Prometheus Pipes April 20, 2019 April 20, 2019

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    Prometheus Pipes April 20, 2019

    Find the best selection of Prometheus Pipes at premiumgrinders.com A more unique structural design is the screen placement for the Prometheus. While most other bowls will put a screen in the bowl itself, Prometheus Pipes places the screen vertically between the bowl and stem. This is intended to keep flames off the metal screen while still being effective in keeping any debris or embers from coming in contact with your mouth. Keeping the metal screen away from the extreme heat source eliminates the risk of creating a dirty by product that can contaminate the flavor of your blend. Product/Brand: Kannastor Mystic Grinders Prometheus Pipes Space Case Grinder Twisty Pipe Contact us Phone No-(1800) 630-9350 Email- info@premiumgrinders.com Social Links: profiles.wordpress.org… cross.tv/home/702186 apsense.com/user/mysti…