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michael jones July 5, 2016 - clothing

6 Fully adjustable shelf height stainless steel heavy-duty resin shelves with 24 Stainless steel hanging rods all together
To order please visit us here amzn.to/29icCBw

                                    6 Fully adjustable shelf height stainles... via michael jones
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    Greta Cox July 5, 2016

    This is so good to use :)


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michael jones March 29, 2016 - clothing

Spring is here
Now that spring is here, and the weather is beginning to warm up, I am finding that I have a lot of extra blankets and coats taking up space seemingly everywhere in my house. I swear my kids have a thousand different coats, lol. I decided it was time to start packing things up to store away for the warmer months. At first I was using totes, and while they are useful, they do take up a lot of space. That's why I decided to try vacuum storage bags. These bags are amazing. I am able to fit so many blankets or pillows in the larger ones, and in the smaller ones I'm able to store away the kids' coats. I have kept out one coat each for them to make it through the chilliness of spring, and then those will get packed up in one of these bags as well. My vacuum seemed to do a great job sucking the air out of the bags, but the included pump worked just as well too, if a bit slower of course. So far I haven't had any of the bags begin to leak or fill back up with air, so I think they are a tight seal. I haven't tossed them in water, but I think everything would still stay dry because of the fact there is no air leaking back into them so far. I love the variety fo sizes you get in this pack too. It's perfect for the different things I need to store away. I definitely recommend these bags for tidying up your space during season changes.

  • Spring is here 
                                    Now that spring is here, and the weather is ... via michael jones