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Amanda Asquith September 15, 2018 - Stage & Screen

I had the privilege and pleasure of co-producing an immersive theatre production, DEADHOUSE Tales of Sydney Morgue, earlier this year. Our season ran from 26 April to 19 May. Thrilled to report that we sold out 96% of our 33 shows - a wonderful result for a new production and team. Our two stories, A Poison Crown - The Louisa Collins Story and The Portrait of an Artist As a Criminal - Leonard Lawson, performed on alternate weeks, proved that true crime is popular with theatre audiences.
This photo captures actor Chris Miller as Leonard Lawson, a graphic artist with a psychopathic bent.
We are currently developing the scripts on new stories for season two.
#Sydney #theatre #truecrime

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Tony Bennett October 15, 2016

Northern Tones - moonlit Lake Superior cliffs during aurora in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. More on IG…

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Mikaela Rakos August 14, 2015 - Cavs & NBA

LeBron James giving back in big ways:

He is funding guaranteed four-year scholarships to college for students in his "I Promise" program who qualify (those who graduate from high school within Akron's public school system, achieve standard testing requirements, and fulfill a community service obligation). Could be as many as 2,300 kids right now.

#NBA #sports #good


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