Dating after 50+

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Marie Dina August 8, 2016 - Dating after 50+

Rules for first Dates

#1 Talk less..#listen more.

#2 Dont share #secrets.

#3 Dont have #sex.

#4 Dont get driven home..take a safe


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Marie Dina July 5, 2016 - Dating after 50+

Bringing your past into your present when you are #dating or in a #relationship is the worse choice you can make.

In order to have a good relationship you need to let go of all the past mistakes, we may have made.

Its time to vamp up your attitude. You last few dates were flopsso what. Did you learn anything valuable to bring to the table for your next choice of future partners?

Unrealistic expectation will always fail. Set your own goals and have fun finding out whether or not you would like to see that person again. Base your choices on your compatibility with person.

Dont give the impression of desperation. You will reek of it. Think of the first few dates as an experiment.

Chemistry only works when certain emotions are there for both people

Leave the past behind you. Step into your present and let the future take its course.


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Marie Dina June 15, 2016 - Dating after 50+

You the Giver or the Taker?
Which side of the question are you on? We date, we search then settle? Is your desperation showing?
If your partner is the one always on the receiving end of the relationship there may be something wrong.
You make dinners at home and they come empty handed. Perhaps you have bought them small gifts to express the affection you feel towards them. You share some of your friends with them as well.
The question you should be asking yourself is...what have they done for me lately?
When it is obvious that there is no reciprocity perhaps it's time to rethink whether or not this is the type of relationship you really want.
Selfish people seldom change. Open your eyes.