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Hi, I am Maalik and I have been working with Outright Creators from the last few years. This is one of the reputed & unbeatable digital marketing service agencies in Hyderabad that delivers the high quality as well as flexible digital marketing services with the experts who have in- depth knowledge for relevant & advanced technical tools. Browse us, to know more!

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Maalik Arora May 10

The digitization and the distress of Coronavirus have changed the way people work. Nowadays, people strictly follow the social distancing guidelines to safeguard themself from COVID 19. They prefer to browse online shops rather than wandering in tangible grocery stores. Moreover, they also search handymen like plumbers, carpenters, and electricians on the internet. In this scenario, it is impossible to start or maintain any business without an online presence. If you are serious about increasing the sales of products and services during the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to step into the world of e- retail. It is only possible through an e-commerce website. The web designer and developers in Hyderabad can help you in this process. However, first, you need to buy the host and domain for the website.

With the help of e-commerce website, you can target local as well as overseas customers. And this ultimately increases your sales and profits. It is a myth among many people that building a website can put a hole in the pockets. However, it is not so. You just have to pay one-time charges to the web developer and designers. Once the website is created, it is entirely yours. You can run it at your convenience and make any changes in the future. Having an ecommerce site means your services are open 24X7, and customers can shop anytime from you no matter where they are. But, to entice potential buyers, you have to craft a great-looking website. Here are some fantastic tips that can help you for the same.

Purchase Domain & Hosting From Trusted Website
As discussed above, hosting and domain purchasing is the first step towards making a website. Although there are a myriad of websites that sell these services, you should buy hosting & domain from only the most trusted websites. Otherwise, you will lose thousands of dollars in an affair to save a few bucks. Few companies provide web addresses at cheap rates, but they are not reliable. We advise you to get hosting and domain from Goddady, Bigrock, or Namecheap.

Choose The Web developer & Designer Carefully
The next step is to find a web developer and designer who can create a fully functional and stunning website for you. You can contact your acquaintance or surf the internet to find the best designer professionals. Don’t forget to look at their previous work before signing the deal. There is no shortage of frauds in this world- anyone can make you fool by showing the fake experience letter.

Think Like A Customer
Choosing a theme for an e-commerce website is a daunting process. But, by thinking like a website visitor, you can make it much easier. After all, the main goal of creating websites is to make a strong connection with the customer. Every visitor wants a few things in a shopping website – easy navigation, well-designed, and hassle-free payment. So, keep these things in mind while choosing the theme for your website.

Select Color Wisely
Colors play an important role in the way viewers perceive your products. It communicates the message. So, don’t choose colors according to your likes or dislikes. Color schemes should be based on the type of products you are selling and the kind of people you want to entice. For instance, if you’re going to open an online grocery store, it would be better to use vibrant color. Vibrant color signifies the clearance sale and attracts impulse shoppers. Like this, blue color denotes trust, and you can use it for B2B websites.

Pay Attention To Images
Use high-quality images on your website to increase the conversion rate. On online platforms, customers are going to purchase your products by seeing the photos. So, you need to hire commercial photographers to capture the images of your products. Professional images help build trust and confidence in visitors. And this will eventually lead to an increase in product sales.

Put Good Content
Apart from alluring images, quality content also plays a vital role in increasing sales. You can take the help of professional writers to make the content of your website more enticing. They appropriately optimize each product on your site and boost your sale. It would also be helpful from an SEO point of view; the search engines place unique and optimized content on top of SERP. According to the studies, the viewers only read 20% of the text on the web pages. Therefore, it would be better to use short and scannable text in lieu of big paragraphs. Try to use bullet points and bold format to highlight the key characteristics of the product.

Use Testimonials
Sharing customer reviews and testimonials on the online store also increases the chances of customers to buy the products. So, don’t forget to add testimonials sections on your e-commerce website.

A Final Word -:

After making the website successfully, the next step is to take the help of digital marketers. They use various methodologies like PPC, Facebook Ads, SEO, etc., to increase the visibility of your website on the internet.

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Maalik Arora March 17

6 Must-Haves To Hire – Digital Marketing Experts in Hyderabad!!!

Digital Marketing has taken over the vast world of marketing. In order to grow and market the business, companies need to take help from professionals. They need to hire digital marketing experts to promote their businesses online. In current times, before making a purchase decision, people tend to surf the internet to verify their purchase. They even find online platforms much easier to make deals.

Online shopping is the new trend in the market, which is becoming very famous. Online shopping was equally preferred, pre and post COVID scenario. However, to lead people to your website, you need proper digital marketing tools. So, if you are looking for a professional digital marketer for your business then, you have to first look for the “6 must-have” qualities of the digital marketing experts in the selected candidates. Check out these qualities.
Communication skills: As we know, the field of digital marketing is all about communicating your ideas and opinions to the public, establishing trust and relationships with people, etc., via the online platform. An effective digital marketer is the one who can convey his message to people around in a concise but attractive way and also should be able to understand the perspective of other people.

Enough flexible and adaptable: When you want to hire a digital marketing expert, you need to analyze whether that digital marketer is flexible enough to update themself about the changing technology or not. One will have to update their skills, knowledge, and equipment to keep up with ongoing trends. Also, see to it that they can adapt to the latest industrial practices, such as consistently changing Google algorithms. The ability to adapt to rapid changes in the industry makes a professional good enough to hire.

Passionate learning: We all know that technology keeps on changing with every passing hour. We are living in a fast-paced environment. So, a digital marketer should be passionate about life-long learning. It can only happen if they love to do their work rather than just working for money. There are so many ways by which one can keep themselves updated with the current information such as, by attending workshops, registering in online courses, or connecting digital marketing professionals.

To lead and manage: Before hiring a digital marketing expert, know that if they can lead a team and can also manage whatever work is thrown at them. Just like other fields, this profession also requires the availability of certain skills. Sometimes a digital marketer doesn’t work alone rather they work with a team of a web designer, assistant digital marketer, content creator, SEO professional, and many more. Therefore, the marketer must be efficient enough to lead and also, manage the team effectively so that all the activities could be carried smoothly without any chaos.
Reliable and dedicated: For any relationship whether it is professional or personal, there should be mutual trust between the two parties. So, a digital marketer must be reliable and dedicated enough to gain the trust of their client. To gain trust, a digital marketer will have to complete the given task on time and following the requirements of their client. The most important thing for a digital marketer in this whole point is to be true to their work.
Thinking strategically: A digital marketer should also have the ability to analyze different things presented in front of their eyes and think strategically or practically for completing the task assigned to them by the client. Strategic thinking helps in making profitable as well as benefiting decisions. The marketer should have out-of-the-box thinking along with a strategic mind. This will help in preparing the right strategies for your business to grow.

Conclusion: The one with all the above qualities could provide your business the results that you want. If the one has all the qualities, then they will be able to handle the trickiest tasks also. A digital marketer needs to run high on energy and should wake up with creative ideas to make a business get promoted online. Digital marketing is a field that changes very rapidly therefore the one should keep themselves updated with the latest tools and trends.

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Maalik Arora March 5

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