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Love University January 21 - Love University

Do you have patience? If not, tune in to the latest Love University podcast, so you can master the skill of patience and develop the power to do what you want in life.

Many of us live in a society with “Hurry Sickness”—we rusharound, cell phone in hand, trying to do more in less time. As a result, we are often impatient, and it is hard for us to truly listen to people with full attention.

Patient people are healthier, earn more money, do better in their careers, and have better relationships. They take the time to do things right, and they listen to people more attentively—thereby improving their human connections.

Here are some ways to increase your patience muscles:

*Choose the longer line: When you’re at a store, try going to the line with the most people as a way to practice your patience. Also, go in the slow lane in traffic sometimes to develop your ability to wait. This is a strong tool of discipline.

*Do things slower sometimes: You don’t have to slow down completely, but try eating slower, talking slower, and moving slower sometimes. Be aware of your body as you travel through space, take a deep breath, and really “see” your surroundings. Awareness is a tremendous way to increase your patience.

*Keep a Patience Journal: Write the down the times you were patient (and the times you weren’t), and see how you felt each time. Notice what you accomplished when you were patient and took your time.

*Think Long-Term: When you’re frustrated about an annoying or incompetent person, or a mechanical failure (phone or computer broke), ask yourself: “Will this matter one year from now? One week from now?” Chances are, it won’t—most minor obstacles only bother you for a while. Understanding this gives you the patience to handle the situation correctly.

*Be Self-Compassionate: Often, we get impatient that we are not making the progress we want in our careers, finances, love life, or health. It’s hard to lose those 20 extra pounds, find the right love partner, advance in a career or business the way you want to. When you criticize yourself for not being where you want to be, remember to forgive yourself. Take a break, have some entertainment, treat yourself to something nice (facial, massage, trip, favorite activity). The better you treat yourself, you more patience you will have to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Yes, you can be more patient to wait for the good things in life to come to you. The more you practice patience, the happier you will be, and the more good results you will obtain. Slow down a little, and you will achieve great things.

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Love University December 7, 2018 - Love University

Loving-Kindness and Compassion, is one of my favorites. When we are kind and loving to others, we benefit in many ways based on research studies: 1. We feel better about ourselves 2. We are healthier and live longer. 3. We get along better with others. 4. We are more productive at work, and 5. We are much happier.

To be compassionate means to help relieve the suffering of others. We start by being compassionate with ourselves, loving ourselves and forgiving ourselves for any mistakes or errors we have made. Once we do this, we can direct our compassion outwardly to others.

Here are ways to exercise your compassion muscles on a daily basis:

*Practice daily gratitude: Think of the things you are grateful for.
*See Kindness as a strength: Be firm when you need to be, but don’t be afraid to be kind to others.
*Recognize the commonalities between yourself and others: We all want to increase our happiness and reduce our suffering[aa1] .
*Practice empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of others.
*Give as if you are the receiver: Imagine that you are receiving the gift you are giving—with joy and gratitude.
*Go out and help those who are hurting and lonely: Help the wounded, listen attentively to someone, give practical help.

If you practice compassion on a daily basis, you will be on your way to a joy-filled existence.

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