Lovemère is a motherhood necessities and lifestyle label that caters to mothers through the stages of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond. Celebrating the bravery and dedication of mothers, we are inspired by mothers' unconditional love for the family. Mère is "mother" in French. Gentle and courageous. We believe that the mother's love holds the heart of the family and the family starts to take shape as she embarks on her motherhood journey.


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Lovemere December 7, 2021 - Nursing Bras

A nursing bra that facilitates breastfeeding and supports your curves simultaneously during pregnancy or post pregnancy is all you need. We take care of your all maternity clothing needs and designed special high-quality and most supportive nursing bras that offers support convenience comfort to your breast. Are you beginning a new motherhood journey? Gift yourself with no-sagging nursing bras in Singapore from Lovemere and enjoy this phase entirely.

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