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Brian mckeo January 20, 2017 - Lilo

E-commerce guide on how to design a website that converts visitors into paying customers.

Internet has become the largest advertisement place in the current cyber friendly era. All big names in the corporate world advertise online and pay their online promoters handsomely. You may Google and find out that all leading brands of the world sell online and have a solid online presence.

However, these big companies face the dilemma of limited online traffic at times. For example the companies that put all their products online should receive a huge feedback. On the other hand many people think that having a retail store is the recipe for success without having a great webpage for their product or service. People fail to understand that potential for every business growth lies in website page. It acts like major backbone of the business.

Let’s go through some steps that help you and your website in generating business:

Make your website Google-easy
Google is the one of the most popular search engine in the world. 60 out of every 100 users in the world use Google as their default search engine. The percentage goes higher when you minus the Chinese market as they don’t use Google. This includes the product or services they require.

For your website to be traffic generating, which then translates into business, your webpage should be on the first page of the Google search. You can check your own Google ranking to have a good idea about where you stand. If you aren’t on the first page, you will be missed by almost 94% population Googling their query. For being on the first page, making your website more probable to attract customers does the following:

• Make a list of keywords that are related to your product. Use SEO optimization to carefully lace these words on the content of your website.
• The landing page should be such that the visitor keeps on surfing on your webpage and converts into a customer or buyer.
• Add all the keywords and the description to your website. If you are using word press install SEO plug in. Search Engine Optimization helps you step through the process of adding Google friendly words to your webpage which increases the chances of you being found.
The next time you search through Google, its algorithm will use the keywords to improve your search-ability. Greater searchability means greater traffic which means more conversion from visitor to buyer.

Your landing page should be engaging
The landing page is where the surfer lands on your page or when he clicks a specific button on it. Use separate tabs for separate product or services which will make your website clutter free so a hurried surfer gets what he needs in the minimum amount of time. This minimum time search ensures that he not only buys from you the first time but keeps coming back for more. Tell about yourself and ways to contact but those in separate tabs. Also try getting your current customers back as they give you more profit than one timer.

Interact with your website
Make the surfers that land on your page interacts with the website which is what most e-commerce websites miss upon. Try to put in as many interactive possibilities. This includes letting them sign up with you through their email or phone number information. This ensures that you get the customer not only for the first time but as a recurring commodity. As explained earlier a returning customer is better than 5 first timers in the eyes of an accountant keeping your books.