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I am a photographer, a painter and I play with clay at Jolie B Studios

Jolie Buchanan

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Jolie Buchanan December 3 - Articles: Art + Wellbeing

Photography cultivates thought, inspiration, awareness, and focus. Your photography reflects your own experience – creating new perspectives and connections with people. Art can flip perspective upside -down ~ Digital Photography School


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Jolie Buchanan November 28 - Articles: Art + Wellbeing

The Street Art Illustrations by David Zinn | Go Healthy Columbus IN #artwalk

  • The Street Art Illustrations by David Zinn via Jolie Buchanan
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    Jolie Buchanan November 29

    They are all fun and such good exercise and conversation to walk or bike around Columbus to find them all ~ The artist btw is based out of Ann Arbor MI


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Jolie Buchanan November 27 - Articles: Art + Wellbeing

Letting the camera be the tool to start a dialogue #video #TedX