Joe is an international award-winning professional photographer. His work has featured in local, national & international media and in various exhibitions. Joe loves passing on his enthusiasm for photography, helping others develop their creativity

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Joe Lenton February 15 - CGI

A 3D Product Animation can be a powerful tool for selling products. It can be very effective for sneak previews of new releases and even during product development before the physical product has been made. Here are a few of my animations to show some of what can be done. Please do take a look


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Joe Lenton February 12 - CGI

Maybe not the obvious thing to make on a cold day... But then it is only CGI so not real...! It was quite fun doing this. Rather different to what I've been doing recently.

  • Ice cream cone with chocolate sauce and sprinkles via Joe Lenton
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    Joe Lenton February 15

    Thank you


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Joe Lenton February 11 - CGI

This is my latest CGI creation. It is a made up brand and watch so don't go looking for it in the shops! The materials are all procedural (created using Blender's node system).

  • CGI product photo - "Animus Watch" via Joe Lenton


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