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Earlier, I couldn't even think about farming. I was onl...

James D. Roll January 5, 2021 January 5, 2021

Earlier, I couldn't even think about farming. I was only growing things for myself. And I felt this activity brings me great joy. With the movement, I found a scenic place where it's nice to dwell, but also my own small business. Back into this megalopolis, nothing brings me back.
I have my very own farm in the township. It's a private poultry farm situated 10 km beyond Oakland, California. As soon as I started farming, I spent a long time searching for a sensible information-guide on raising cows, which I discovered in prestigequeen.com.
From the city, everyone's after the top: everyone needs a good car, a Fantastic job, good clothes. But here, you can dress however you'd like - no one cares. Last year in Cyprus, my wife needed to purchase an Armani tote, but recognized that in the countryside this bag would look to be an ordinary bag from a shop. In three years, my wife and I've altered and recognized that the value of existence isn't in things and status, but in your freedom, at the new air around you. Time passes more slowly about the farm. Here, less time is spent on traveling and idle conversations, so you manage longer in a day than in the city.
Transferring my wife and that I had been a bet. We left in a void, our friends laughed at us, and I thought we would not be able to reside in the countryside to get long. Now I am happy with my own life. I reside steadily, without any hard feelings, and that I make more than I did before I proceeded. Most acquaintances don't understand us. They think we're tormented here, and they convince us to return. However, I do not want to live in town anymore. Within a year and a half living in the countryside, I have not once regretted moving. Here is subject to ordinary belief: just one day feeds another, there are no concepts of"existential crisis","psychological problems", you do not ask the question"Why am I doing this?" At the countryside, I breathe with full breath and feel that the"salt of the earth". I am confident that my kids and grandchildren will grow up enjoying the land and sharing my own entire life worth.