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Jerry October 18, 2018

Every academic paper is supposed to be of the proper format and structure. It means that you have to stick to some general rules of writing. There are not here to make your life even more difficult. They were made for students` convenience as well. There are various formats which differ from one institution to another. But the structure is almost always the same. First, you write an introduction, describe the topic you will be researching and your aspirations. Then, you will have to work on the main body which will contain your findings and explanations to them. And last but not least, there must be a conclusion which is the reason we created these infographics.

So, the word conclusion itself suggests that here you will summarize some points mentioned previously and explain the main concepts of the paper. It is of the utmost importance as this part of your paper is what readers will remember and even cite. That`s in general. Now, let`s move step by step on your way to a perfect conclusion.

One. Reword your thesis statement just to remind your reader what you have been doing and why, what your expectations were and how you met them (or failed to meet, be honest!)

Two. Summarize the main ideas you worked on and tell your readers about the significance of your paper for the whole field. Then put an emphasis on your findings. Don`t underestimate nor overestimate yourself. Describe how the benefits of your paper will address gaps in previous works. But don’t be rude and show respect for your colleagues working on the same problem.

Three, suggest how to put your findings into practice and why they might bring about some changes for the better. Here you can share the craziest ideas of yours. One day they may come true.

Four. Don`t be too eloquent and mind the number of words. Remember that the more words you write the more bored your reader becomes. Look for a happy medium and strike the right balance between too much information and not enough information. Our infographics are all you need not to forget anything while making an unforgettable conclusion. Use it as a check list or contact WOWGrade experts for professional help.

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