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JamesMeyerMedia September 1, 2016 - Inspirational

I have been challenged by a friend to post a picture for the next 7 days in which I see God, and nominate a friend each day.This is day 1. I normally do not participate in things of this nature but I though this to be a good challenge.

This first image in which I see God combines several elements, land, sea, light, dark, natural, and man made. The image is black and white because I believe God is color blind. The significance of two benches represents people and community. The length of the dark shadows create a pathway towards "the light". The sun, hidden yet visible represents hope and the human spirit. The natural elements represent life itself.

I hope you enjoy this image and look forward to your comments.

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    Olivia Smith September 2, 2016

    Nice Picture.


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JamesMeyerMedia December 15, 2015 - Inspirational

Thank you everyone
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My entry has made it to the first page of the leader board. Out of over 1400 entries we're up to #12. Time to rally! With just a few clicks you can put $1000 into the local food pantry. Vote for my photo of the CP Holiday train. Five lucky winners will win four tickets each to ride on the CP Holiday Train in 2016 and CP will donate $1,000 to a local food bank in my name. Here's the direct link to vote You may vote once every 24 hours. Share this post with your friends and let's get that money for the food bank! Thank you!!!


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JamesMeyerMedia December 14, 2015 - Inspirational

This was from my backyard this afternoon. I found the complexity of the grape vines challenged by the simplicity of the drops of water hanging off the grapes. The leaking grape with the purple droplet drew me in. I couldn't stop looking at it. Is it just me?

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