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Hitech CADD Services October 2 - Building Construction

Successful 4D BIM-powered construction scheduling is possible only through a methodical approach. 4D BIM simulation helps project stakeholders to visualize and create a detailed, streamlined construction schedule with minimum issues. Read our blog that discusses five important tips in the context.…

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Hitech CADD Services June 14 - Building Construction

Making a move from 2D workflows to 3D is such a necessity for steel detailers to ensure tight collaboration between stakeholders involved in the construction project.
Here are some of the important reasons that drive the need for steel detailing companies to switch their design workflows from 2D CAD to 3D BIM.

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Hitech CADD Services April 8 - Building Construction

BIM is a digital representation of projects from concept design to construction across operations. Used mainly for designing, pricing, programming, coordinating, integrating, and sequencing work activities, it also helps in MEP clash detection between items of work.
BIM though used on a project, hard copy drawings still will be used by the design team. Difficulties are bound to happen if there are inconsistencies between the 3D, 4D, or 5D BIM models, and the hard copy drawings. The drawings may show different dimensions, as compared to the layouts and configurations of the BIM models. So why not check out some of the contractual considerations, while using BIM on future projects. READ MORE >>

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