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Hitech CADD Services

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Hitech CADD Services November 17 - BIM Services

A top-tier construction firm from California, USA approached Hitech CADD Services for BIM modeling requirements regarding a large and complex public park project. The project was initiated with PDF files and conceptual hand-drawn sketches provided as input from the client. The team of experts at Hitech CADD Services carefully analyzed and integrated the IFC drawings & PDF files shared by the client into the modeling process.

Eliminating interdisciplinary clashes through alternate design, and keeping the architectural aesthetics intact, a 3D BIM model at LOD 300 was developed based on AIA regulations. This led to a significant business impact for the client through rework reduction, diminished material waste, negative clash-flow mitigation, improved scheduling, and accurate BOQ/BOMs.

Need greater project efficiency? Outsource your clash-resolution requirements to Hitech CADD Services for timely and accurate deliverables.

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Hitech CADD Services October 25 - BIM Services

Streamline the construction drawing and as-built drawing generation process with detailed architectural drafting. Gain smooth and safe execution workflows to optimize construction efficiencies.

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Hitech CADD Services October 15 - BIM Services

Validating design uniformity through Dynamo improves design performance and model quality. Visual programming through customized nodes can help automation experts build quick prototypes through simplified workflows. High-performance architecture and engineering are driven by automation to calculate GFA, sprinkler locations, set quantity data, etc. Hitech CADD Services can help AEC companies diminish repetitive tasks through Revit model automation in the preconstruction stage.

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