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garettscott May 30

Nothing elevates a category and at the same time adorns a room like a Persian carpet. and that is, that Middle Eastern style that also adapts to Western interior design always gives an exceptional touch to the rooms where you decide to place them creatively and according to the spaces.

The Persian carpet is an essential element of that country's art, dating back to the Bronze Age, when it began among the nomadic tribes of Persia. The carpet was and still is a necessary good to protect itself from the cold winter and, simultaneously, a way of artistic expression due to the freedom that it entails, mainly concerning the frequent choice of bright colors and the motifs used.

A Persian rug gives the room that required exotic setting, without for that reason seeming at any time out of place. That is to say, and it is a marvel.
1. Large and impressive
A Persian carpet can be the ideal resource to decorate and make a floor magical that, otherwise, most likely would not have stood out from the lot, not in a million years.

In cases where you want to magnify this effect and turn the entire room into a memorable and striking space, a rug as large as this is a formidable and unmissable option. As much as we are used to almost any Persian-style rug that we see, it is not bad at all to venture to make the exception and observe the more than pleasant results that this precisely provides.

A large carpet but with many colors and many details may represent a risky bet stylistically speaking, but it is one in which you can win like no other, at unthinkable levels.

2. Of interesting contrast
This rug, professionally crafted by Louis de Poortere and world-class quality, shows how beautiful the contrast between reds and blacks can be artistically captured that only a rug can properly express and convey.

The Arabic figures of similar but visibly different patterns, the beautiful line marking, and the masterful variation in the width of the figures are all responsible for making this rug a masterpiece of Persian style art.

3. With many details
In the best of cases, a beautiful carpet full of details turns the room where it is installed into a true spontaneous gallery, with the notable exception that, in these cases, what is worth seeing is not to be found. The sides, but under your own feet.

Of course, the detail for a carpet to have such an impact is not to have details for its own sake, for the simple and mundane fact of having them, but to have visual designs full of striking, colorful, and aesthetically sublime details, as is the case with this carpet.

Ideal for rooms not very full of furniture, where the carpet can show off without saturating the space aesthetically speaking.

4. Hypnotic
This rug is so hypnotic and captivating, as well as so eye-catching that you may get lost looking at it and forget that this beautiful design and those bright colors are part of what turns out to be a rug.

Being divided into sections according to geometric shapes and colors gives an unusual degree of artistic sophistication to this rug. In contrast, bright and striking colors give it an amiable appearance that is transmitted throughout the room from the first moment of its installation in the home.

5. Eye-catching
When looking for a quality carpet with many styles, all that is necessary is to go to the immense gallery in this regard that we have here at homify. To the delight of visitors, there you can find models of all kinds, sizes, and styles, always with the category that characterizes the material found on this site.

It is precisely here where one can find wonderful products such as this striking rug, which has the great peculiarity of, despite being mainly dark tones, still attracts a lot of attention, in addition to that, despite having an undoubtedly Persian style, it does not present the great amount of detail that carpets of this current generally include—a first-rate rug, which manages to attract attention largely thanks to its originality.


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garettscott May 4

What is liposuction
It is a surgical intervention that consists of the extraction/aspiration of the subcutaneous adipose tissue by introducing a tube (cannula) under the skin through 3-4 mm incisions. Its objective is to improve the body contour aesthetically.

Who is liposuction indicated for?
The liposuction is indicated in elderly patients who have good health and presenting localized fat deposits in some areas of the body you want to delete. Before requesting an intervention, patients have tried to treat these areas with diet and exercise, to no avail. The usual distribution of fat depends on sex, with the hips and mules being the affected areas in women and the abdomen and flanks in men.

How liposuction is performed
Before extracting the fat, the adipose tissue is infiltrated with a combination of serum, local anesthetics, and vasoconstrictors. In this way, it speeds up the subsequent aspiration of the fat through a specific cannula, with little loss of blood and clean fat that allows its subsequent use by lipofilling.

Where is liposuction performed?
An intervention like this must be carried out in an approved operating room, with the presence of a team of anesthetists, qualified surgeons, and nursing staff. It is generally performed using local anesthesia and intravenous sedation monitored and controlled by the anesthesiologist. The most common is that it is an outpatient intervention, and the patient can go home when he wakes up from anesthesia and recovers from it.

How long does the intervention take?
It is an intervention that has a duration that varies depending on the areas to be treated and the amount of fat to be extracted. Some interventions last only about an hour, and others can last up to three hours. It will also depend on whether it is done in isolation or combination with other procedures.