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3D Character Development Outsourcing Studio with experience 3d designer and artist for developing appealing character modelling, texturing for games, movies and TVC.

GameYan is 3D animation and game art Outsourcing development studio who design appealing next generation characters and 3d assets for video / mobile game development and movie pre, post and production companies.


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Gameyan May 23 - Character Modeling Artist

Services We Provide: -

Character Modeling: -
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We offer 3D Character Modeling and texturing with high-ploy and low Poly optimization based on platform and client’s requirements.

Character Rigging and animation: -
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We provide you with customized Character Animation Company and Animation for video game, mobile game, MMO, Movie, TVC, Or VR Interactive.

Shading, Lighting and Rendering: -
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GameYan is Specializing in various 3D Lighting Artist rendering services that commonly used including Ray Tracings, Shading, Lighting, Radiosity And Scanline.

Motion Capture: -
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We provide Face Mocap Animation outsourcing services as we are highly equipped with Motion Capture suits and Mocap Artists for Human and animal Character animation which reduce turnaround time then key frame animation.

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Gameyan May 18 - Character Modeling Artist

Project: Cartoon Character
Client: Arter
Category: 3D High poly Character
Country: USA

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Nia is a high poly 3D Character Design Studio have beautiful Eye Catching face with long hair and big Black eyes makes her attractive as well have unique weapon and costume. This is developed in Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop. This cute character Developed By GameYan Game Art Design.

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Gameyan May 16 - Character Modeling Artist

Project: Gurukul 2.5D game
Client: Subhajit
Category: Game Development
Country: India
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Gurukul is a game and its Character Design Studio developed By GameYan Game Art Design.
GameYan is a Game Art Outsourcing company which is having expert and experienced 3d and 2d creative designer.

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